Plants Production

An array of different native Omani plant types is maintained and planted in the plant production section, including trees, shrubs, herbs, bulbs, succulents, ferns and grasses. The more robust seedlings are moved from the seedling growing houses to the plant production section in the nursery. Initially young plants are protected in shaded greenhouses, under a shade net and watered adequately.

Seedlings are planted into two litre pots and tree seedlings into the deeper 18 cm pots. As trees outgrow these pots, they are transplanted into larger 80 litre air pots where they will develop into mature specimens ready to be planted into the garden. If cultivated in fertile soils and given adequate water combined with prolonged heat, the plants grow rapidly.

Growing a variety of Omani plants in vastly different environmental conditions as experienced in the Muscat nursery has been a formidable challenge for the plant production team. Horticultural support from other international botanic gardens that have similar climatic conditions and training of staff both locally and abroad, has assisted the team in acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to maintain plants in containers over an extended period of time.

Translocation of trees and succulents has been actively practised. Plants are rescued from natural areas that are either degraded or disturbed. Thousands of plants have been rescued from areas undergoing development, mainly in Dhofar. To date most plants have been rescued from major road works or mines, where they are removed bare rooted and transported to Muscat or to the satellite nursery in Salalah, where they are planted up.

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