Research & Conservation

Ever since the first research trip soon after the initiation of the garden, the Oman Botanic Garden team has continuously collected data and built upon the existing and available botanical information to further understand plant sciences. There is still much to discover about the Omani plants and their habitats, with many exciting research topics on the horizon.

In addition to working to build and open the garden for the enjoyment of the public, the Oman Botanic Garden team is currently working on a variety of research projects, including:

· Ethnobotanical research (traditional uses of plants)

· Phenological research (to study the life cycle of plants, including flowering times in the wild)

· Research on flora and vegetation

· Research on the conservation status of plants

· Seed germination research

Oman Botanic Garden is a base for researchers from Oman and other countries, with the herbarium, seed bank and native plant nurseries providing the setting and data for valuable research projects. We continue to provide information and plant samples for students and researchers, since the Oman Botanic Garden nursery contains the largest documented Arabian plants collection in the world. We have also provided sites for vegetation assessments for school students.

Oman Botanic Garden forms a key part of the Sultanate’s response to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC), and thus we conduct our work in accordance with its objectives.

The project is considered to be an ex-situ (away from the wild locations) collection of the native flora in the forms of seed banking, propagation and the herbarium. The baseline data and field observations that we are actively collecting and documenting will allow us to develop conservation action plans for the threatened plant species of Oman.

If there should be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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