Expedition & Fieldwork

Field work is the core element in the science of Oman Botanic Garden. Every year, we conduct over many field expeditions to all areas of the country, researching flora and vegetation and collecting data, seeds and samples of the plants. It is a daily adventure the team enthusiastically goes through, and it is rewarding at the end of the day when a new species is found, when a rare species is spotted, or when a unique plant is found flowering.

Omani native plants are very special and unique. They are not always easily found, but rather sometimes they can only be reached by hiking, driving, sailing and even flying by helicopter. We travel by all means of transportation in order to reach to various destinations. The variation of landscapes of Oman makes our work adventurous. In order to reach to inaccessible and remote destinations to survey an area and collect plant materials, we face exciting challenges.

If there should be any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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