A meeting between moon and the Arseia

Last Wednesday, in an atmosphere of intimacy where the moon was full, some employees of OBG met together in the Garden. The most important event in this meeting was making “Arseia” by Mohammed Rasbi on the way people of AL Shrqya region do. During the meeting, Recreational Competition was organized by Eng. Ismail AL-Rashidi.

During this meeting, everyone took the opportunity to say goodbye for both ENG. Khalid AL- Farsi and Laila Al-Harthy because of their travel to the United Kingdom to complete studying of the Doctorate “PhD”. The meeting was also attended by Khalid Al-Nabhani who is also completing his PhD. Under the light of the moon, every one ate Arseia meal. It was very Delicious. Then, they ate Snafer sweet that made by ENG. Thuriya AL, Jabri.

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