Oman Botanic Garden


Where is the Oman Botanic Garden?

We are located just outside of Muscat, near Al Khodh village.  The garden is close to the Muscat Expressway, and only ten minutes from Sultan Qaboos University.

Will you build on the whole site?

The project site is huge: 430 hectares. The habitats, exhibition spaces and visitor facilities will cover about 70 hectares, leaving plenty of space to explore and protect as a nature reserve.

Is Oman Botanic Garden open to the public?

The garden is not yet open to the general public asthe project is currently under construction. However, our native plants nursery already contains the largest documented collection of Arabian plants in the world, and we do offer pre-booked tours of the nursery.

When will Oman Botanic Garden be open to the public?

Oman Botanic Garden is under construction, it is an ambitious and complex project. ! Once the garden will open to the public, it will be advertised in all media.

Is it possible to arrange school visits to Oman Botanic Garden?

The garden has benefitted from working with a series of local schools over the past couple of years to develop curriculum-linked programmes. Please contact the garden with any enquiries.

How can I get a job at Oman Botanic Garden?

Oman Botanic Garden is a growing organisation and will certainly need more staff over the next few years.  As part of our sustainability and capacity building policy it is important that most of our team is Omani. Vacancies are advertised in the local newspapers in Oman. International roles are advertised through the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) website (

Do you accept volunteers?

We are not yet accepting volunteers as we are currently developing the botanic garden team. We plan to eventually have a volunteer programme so that our supporters can help the garden to grow. Once such a programme is ready, it will be advertised on our website.

Can we buy plants from Oman Botanic Garden?

At the moment, we need all the plants we are growing in the nursery to plant in our habitat displays.When the garden is open to the public, we will have a plant shop so that visitors can buy some of the beautiful plants of Oman.