Three hours at a depth of Samhan in search of a savior

It seems that field trips has some difficulties, the team (Abdu Rahman, Darren, Gudainah, Sheikha) who travel recently to Salalah has faced a malfunction in the car. After they cut a long distance in the depth of Jabal Samhan in the area where the street is bumpy and rough, and there were no people and the telephone network wasn’t available. After Three hours, Abdul Rahman failed to pick up the telephone network even after his ascension to the areas of high nearby, and the lack of water for fixing the problem and the lack of necessary tools, after it was discovered that problem is the high temperature of the car because there was no water in the radiator and the big surprise was that the connector of the water was broken.

Coincidentally, a car belonging to the Royal Army of Oman passed from the site and they fixed the car with Abdul Rahman temporarily where this was available solution at that time due to the lack of possibilities. While the car cut distance towards the top they punctuated by many stops to ensure that the high temperature of the car would not rise again. Then, network sign begun to appear so they called Colleagues (Mohammed and Ali) to provide the team where they were at another location in the same area. Also they contacted to officials in Transport. However, Mohammed and Ali fixed the problem. As result, the task has been completed successfully. It is worth mentioning that, field trips need to SUV Due to the nature of the areas to be visited, but Transportation recently begun to show the lack of seriousness in the applications submitted by the Oman Botanic Garden.

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