Horticulture Team in Australia

A project development coincides with growth of Omani Botanic Garden crew and this is very important to work because it adds for work sense of fun and specialized at the same time. From this point, recently, both “horticulture specialists” Buthaina AL,Rehaily, and Hanan AL,Mqpaly have returned from the “International Plant Propagation Society Conference” , which was held in Australia (Melbourne / Perth), the conference lasted for 10 days and it includes some several lectures related to modern techniques in the field of plant propagation and irrigation that will improve agricultural productivity. Also included some field visits to nurseries, botanical gardens and competent colleges. In addition, Specialists provided a clear presentation about Oman Botanic Garden. It is worth mentioning that, such events are useful to create an atmosphere of communication and exchange of experiences among professionals, specialists and experts.

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